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EN 469: protective clothing for firefighters

EN 469

Performance requirements for protective clothing against fire (fire, heat, mechanical and chemical properties...).

EN 15614: protective clothing for firefighters

EN 15614

Performance requirements for clothing worn during the struggle against the wildfires (fire, heat; ergonomic and comfort).
Clothes for wildfires are not designed for fighting structural fires.

ISO 11612 and ISO 14116: protective clothing against heat and flames

ISO 11612 and ISO 14116

These standards specify the performance requirements to fire, heat (radiant, connective and contact) and significant projections of molten metals. They do not apply to structural fires.

ISO 20471: high visibility clothing

ISO 20471

This standard is used to validate the characteristics of fluorescent and retroreflective fabrics as well as minimum visible surfaces of material constituting the clothing.

EN 343: protective clothing against rain

EN 343

Fabrics are classified according to 2 criteria: the level of impermeability and breathability of the clothing.

EN 342: protective clothing against cold

EN 342

This standard defines the thermal insulation characteristics of the protective clothing against cold (temperatures below 5°C).

EN 1149-5: protective clothing - electrostatic properties

EN 1149-5

Requirements for protective clothing dissipating static electricity to prevent the occurrence of sparks that can cause fires or explosions.

EN 13034: protective clothing against chemicals

EN 13034

Requirements for waterproof clothing that protects against accidental exposure to small amounts of some hazardous chemicals, projected or sprayed.

ISO 11611: protective clothing for use in welding and allied processes

ISO 11611

This standard defines the requirements for protection against small molten metal splashes.

CEI 61482-2: protection against thermal hazards of an electric arc

CEI 61482-2

This standard sets the characteristics of materials and clothing protecting the wearer against the risks associated with arcing. 2 protection categories are available: 4kA or 7kA.