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Intervention clothing



Intervention garment, performance collection


Outer fabric:  81% Kermel, 18% para aramide 1% antistatique 225 g/m²

Membrane PTFE: 100% aramide laminé non tissé, membrane PTFE bi-composant 140g/m²

Liner: 34,5% para-aramide, 33,5% viscose FR, 32% méta-aramide, antistatique, 200g/m² avec espaceur pour augmenter la protection thermique

Reinforcements elbows, knees : 98% Kermel, 2% antistatique, points de picots enduits, sergé 2/1, 275g/m²

Anticapillarity : modacrylique, coton avec enduction Polyuréthane FR, 350g/m²



  •     Basic colors: navy blue and red
  •     Other colors on request: orange, yellow, black, PBO, bi-color
  •     6 jacket sizes: from 80 to 136
  •     7 pant sizes: from 1 to 4




  • Officer post collar, closed by large self-gripping tab
  • Hanging flange at the back of the neck for a cable channel
  • Preformed shoulders with Kevlar
  • Front zip 60cm under a flap closed by velcro
  • Grey piping under shoulder reinforcements and central closure
  • 2 straps on each side of the chest + D rings
  • Self-gripping elasticated tab for tightening gloves
  • Kevlar preformed elbow reinforcements
  • Cuffs with self-fastening pull-tigh tab
  • Rib edge and elastic thumb rest
  • Velcro support for patronymic tape 7,5cm x 2,5cm on the right
  • Velcro support for grade 5x5cm
  • 2 bottom pockets closed by flap and velcro with gripping lock, ring D
  • on the right and carabiner on the left
  • 1 radio pocket (3 bellows) left for all radio sizes
  • Microprism tapes 50mm TT stitched chest, arm, jacket stockings,
  • vertical (H silhouette)
  • 1 «Napoleon» pocket under front flap closed by a zip
  • 1 self-fastening internal breast pocket on the inner lining
  • Blue stitching on red jacket
  • Half moon and flange on the inside of the jacket
  • 3 horizontal spacer beads in the back preserve a layer of air between the lining and the outer layer when wearing SCBA 
  • Zippered Napoleon pocket accessible under the center flap 
  • Inside pocket on the lining closed by flap and velcro 
  • Anti-capillary fabric at the bottom of the legs, cuffs and bottom of the jacket 
  • Access hatch in the inner lining allows access to the 3 layers



  • Wide removable hangers, quick opening and adjustment
  • Semi-elasticated waist on each side of trousers
  • Hook and fly closure
  • 2 cargo pockets (3 bellows), closed by self-gripping flap
  • Preformed knees with Kevlar
  • Grey piping over knee reinforcements
  • Side opening 35cm under flap with contrasting colored bellows for
  • putting on boots
  • Kevlar lower leg reinforcements
  • 50mm TT microprism tapes sewn horizontally and vertically


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